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The Ultimate Money Management tools for Surviving Pandemic

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2020 has been a roller coaster ride for most of us. Do you feel you need help managing your money to survive this pandemic? Use the ultimate money management tools for surviving the pandemic listed below.

Some of us barely could afford our monthly bills, some of us had to work double hard to match the needs of our household spending, and some of us managed to save money by not shopping for frivolous things like going to the malls and movies. But every one of us learned the importance of saving money.

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If you have a large family, larger debt, and more responsibilities, saving money is all the harder when you do not have to know how to manage the money in your limited time. You are too busy getting your daily tasks done, where would you find the time to manage the money? It is scary that less than 6% of Americans have an emergency fund saved up. In 2020, many of them who had the emergency funds saved up may have dipped into it. How will we plan for retirement, children’s education, or paying off debt?

money tools

But you can change this all by taking control of your money.

Ultimate Money Management tools for surviving the Pandemic

Learn the basics on saving money, crushing the debt, and earning some extra money while doing it with Master your money bundle. This is a collection of expert tools, techniques, shortcuts, and dedicated advice from people who learned how to handle their money without large inheritances or the 6 figure salary. In fact, some of the people in this bundle have been one income families for the longest time and once struggled with their income. But they instilled some key money principles in their lives and managed to turn around their lives for the better.

Now they are offering their learning, mistakes, and shortcuts in eBooks, courses, and a workbooks-a total of 38 products. Why not learn from them? None of us can seriously afford to make any new money mistakes now.


The bundle includes-

  •  8 eBooks, 
  • 17 eCourses, 
  • 13 Printables & Workbooks

All these products are worth $1712.94 but the hardworking dedicated team of Ultimate Bundles have made ALL these products for 98% off the total value i.e $37. It is such an amazing deal. If you make use of just 1 course in this bundle, you will get 10X more value from the cost of this bundle.

But hurry up. This bundle is back with a Flash sale for just two days- April 21st and 22nd 2021. Then it will be gone until next year.

Note- This bundle came back last year. So in some images, you will see older dates (7th to December 11, 2020). Just click on the images to go to the bundle. It is active now.

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Why are money management tools helpful during Pandemic?

Do you notice even with the social distancing and closing of malls, you spent more this year than any other years in the past? It is so hard to control online shopping because it is very easy to just click and buy something. Uncertainty in global economy, food chain, closure of businesses and offices, closure of schools and unexpected losses from current pandemic has made us all think really hard about our future. We bought more canned foods, more toilet paper, more first aid and more stuff just in case there is global or local shortage of these products. T

Those of us who have been good at managing uncertain situations like this would have done a bit better. I’m looking at you my smart fellow preppers.You would not have spent so much like most non-prepper like us. There was no plan, no method to our buying frenzy a.k.a madness. Was there? Even preppper may have felt the need to prepare some more- adding to the already blank shelves at the super markets. Let’s just say a very few of us have really prepared for pandemic of this nature in our lifetimes.

I have written an entire section on how to curb the online spending in a separate article.

But it is still not easy. It takes time to build the money saving habits. And it is all the more hard if you have more family members who are not on the same page when it comes to managing and saving money. Your spouse, your kids, your friends and sometimes even your colleagues can potentially change your personal finance goals if you are not assertive enough to take control of your finances.

How about gaining access to the tools for changing all that around? Top financial experts say the 5 elements for financial success are –

  1. Integrity 
  2. Discipline 
  3. Hard Work 
  4. Social Skills 
  5. A Supportive Spouse

But I would also like to add supportive encouraging family including siblings to this list. Baby steps to financial wisdom start from childhood with financially savvy/ knowledgeable parents. Once the start is good, one can maneuver the bumps on the road in the future.This is the foundation for building wealth today.

Master your money bundle touch upon all those foundations depending on the stage you and your family are.

Something for everyone in Master your Money Super Bundle

  • If you are fresh in college living on the college scholarship and part time jobs, you will benefit from Budget 101 that works for everyone, paying for college worksheet will become your go to sheet while managing bare bones budget during stressful college years.Do you know how many college graduates are earning a decent income from the easy side hustle or gigs? In fact, side hustle and gig economy are becoming so popular in recent times that I think side hustle will become the main job for many people and they will have to change the meaning of side hustle in the traditional dictionary. Why not explore Grow your Income tools in this bundle and earn a sizeable chunk of income before you need to head out of college to find a regular 9-to-5 job in the already tougher economy? My favorite Grow your income tools are
    Side Hustles That Work (eCourse) by Caroline Vencil
    – Side Business Starter Kit: 10 Simple Side Business Ideas (eBook) by Jen Smith
    – Cashflow Queen: Build Your Wealth Engine (eCourse) by Caroline Yuki


  • If you are a parent of a teen(s) who has dreams and aspirations to go to big Ivy leagues or any college for that matter, paying for college worksheet helps you plan for their future. Every mom and her grandmother knows how they put their children (us ) through college by managing their household spending under tight budget- the biggest and most recurrent expense being grocery expenses. How to stick to Realistic Grocery Budget, Cash envelopes system, Teach your children about money  and Credit Blueprint will help you and your growing teens get savvy on managing your monthly income and expenses without sweating on how to stash for college fund.


  • If you are newly married or planning to consider living together with your partner, a point will come when you wish you knew how to talk to your partner about money. If you are struggling with the money conversations and often find yourself fighting with your spouse or partner ( who doesn’t unless you are a match made in heaven), you will find help in Amanda’s ecourse on 4 Money Mistakes that Leave Couples Strained and Drained – And How to Fix Them Without Fighting. All of us bring our unique personality, skills, weaknesses and aspirations to the union of marriage or life partnership. But we also bring our own debts. When there are concerns like who have more debt and who earns more, the conflict will soon arise. We all agrees that this year or any year for that matter, no family can afford to be living in conflict. It is just more time consuming and more expensive. Why not defeat your individual debts by working jointly at it? If you need help in this department, you will like following resources
    4 Money Mistakes that Leave Couples Strained and Drained – And How to Fix Them Without Fighting (eCourse) by Amanda Teixeira
    – Your Credit Blueprint (eCourse) by Anthony Gaalaas
    – The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Financial Wellness (eBook) by Danielle Davis
    – How to Make an Extra $1,000 per Month for Your Family… Sharing What You Already Know Online (eCourse) by Dustin & Bethany Riechmann


  • If you are about to retire or already retired from regular 9-to-5 jobs, congratulations! I personally admire people who have been dedicated to their profession for so long. Do you think you have more energy and more time to earn some additional income post your retirement? My father does. In fact he is so bored out of his mind after his engineering design job that he enrolled in couple of courses to explore additional skills. He was always passionate about interior building planning, and Feng Shui. He gained certifications in those fields and now give consultations to new and existing home owners on how to make their home beneficial for their goals. You will enjoy some ebooks and ecourses in this bundle as well. My favorites ones are-
    – Money Mindset for Businesses (Workbook) by Lindsay Maloney
    – How to Make an Extra $1,000 per Month for Your Family… Sharing What You Already Know Online (eCourse) by Dustin & Bethany Riechmann
    – Quick Start Guide to Frugal Living (eCourse) by Melanie Nielson
    – Secrets of a Six Figure Freelancer (eBook) by Kate Bagoy
    – Beyond the Budget (eCourse) by Nicole Hatcher
    – The 28 Day Manifesting Challenge (eCourse) by Dr Nikki Ramskill
    – The Rental Property 90 Day Action Plan (eBook) by Kendra Barnes

Let’s look at what is included in this huge money master bundle.

Budgeting Made Easy Tools

Budgeting made easy courses
7 Resources worth $105.99

A thorough, step-by-step walk-through of everything you need to take into account to create a complete & accurate budget.    

  • Budget 101: Learn How To Write A Budget That Works (eCourse) by Allison Baggerly worth $7.00

Budgeting doesn’t have to be difficult. Budget 101 breaks down budgeting so it’s doable!

  • Cash Envelope System (Printable) by Bridget Jo $7.00

A system to help you keep your budget in check.   

  • Destination Financial Freedom (Printable) by Jacob Wade $17.00

Includes all the tools you need to stop worrying about money and start enjoying more freedom!

  • Dollars that Make Sense: Budgeting for Biweekly Paychecks (eBook) by Kristen Wilkinson $32.00

A budgeting workbook focused on helping biweekly paycheck budgeters simplify and organize their money.

  • How to Set a Realistic Grocery Budget That You Can Stick To (eBook) by Charissa Quade $11.99

This eBook is not about eating cheap, unhealthy food, it’s about making your grocery budget easy to stick to so you can feed your family how you want.

Finally take control of your money this year!

Ultimate Money Management tools to Defeat Your Debt

Debt pay off resources
7 Resources worth $283.99

This is a big course with 16 modules that teaches step-by-step how to improve your credit score without pulling your hair. Anthony’s flagship program teaches you how to fix and improve your credit score while going into depth on how you can leverage credit to build wealth. Anthony’s Groundbreaking training was created based on his 15+ years of experience in the credit improvement industry.

Not only does he share the ins and outs of how to repair credit blemishes but also shows you how to leverage your resources to gain better credit quicker, and develop a winning wealth strategy for long-term abundance. Getting your credit fixed the Ultimate Money Management tool of all times, not just during pandemic.

  • 4 Money Mistakes that Leave Couples Strained and Drained – And How to Fix Them Without Fighting (eCourse) by Amanda Teixeira $27.00

This guide will help you examine your relationship with money, create clear financial goals, and work towards them together in your marriage, united in your journey to a brighter future.   

  • Crush Your Debt (Workbook) by Ashley Patrick $12.00

Create a simple plan to pay off your debt faster and easier! This is excellent for those of you who want quick wins and quick tools to get started.

  • Debt Pay Off Planner (Printable) by Shannon Cairns $17.00

A printable planner that helps you set goals and create a debt pay off plan that works!

  • Destroy Your Debt (Workbook) by Cassie & David $15.00

Are you ready to live debt free? It’s time to destroy your debt!

  • Smash Debt: A Quick-Start Guide for Your Debt-Free Journey (eBook) by    Stephanie Jones $4.99

Stop procrastinating and finally create a plan for debt freedom.       

  • The Ultimate Debt Free Roadmap Workbook: Your Step by Step Debt Free Plan (Workbook) by Amanda Waterston $11.00

Will help you break down your big financial goals into actionable steps, create your custom debt-free plan, and know exactly what steps to take to become debt-free. 


Ultimate Money Management tools to grow your income

Grow your income courses and ebooks
9 Resources worth $791.99

Redesign the way you think, live, and make money decisions to create the life you want. This is one of my favorite tool because it teaches you how to set the systems in place to make the right decisions along different life stages.

We all know that life is never constant. It changes all the time. Understanding how to manage the cash flow while making smarter decisions is the Ultimate Money Management tool for Surviving Pandemic. During this year, we quickly had to change the way we save, spend and even prioritize our savings.

  • Become a Money Saving Pro: Learn the Money Saving Secrets of the Pro’s! (eCourse) by Kari Ann $47.00

Will help you cut your daily and monthly expenses significantly.

  • 25 Ways To Side Hustle to Success (eBook) by Kristin Larsen $9.99

Grab this list of side hustles you can do in your spare time.

  • Beyond the Budget (eCourse) by Nicole Hatcher $97.00

A signature step-by-step framework to help you command your money, move beyond the budget, and build lasting wealth.   

Learn how to start a simple online business that will bless your family with extra freedom, fun & money.

  • Side Business Starter Kit: 10 Simple Side Business Ideas (eBook) by Jen Smith $27.00

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or quit your full-time job to have a sustainable side business. Get over your fears and start gaining income freedom in five steps.

Do what you love and make more than you knew you could.

  • The Abundant Life: Earning and Saving Money Series (eCourse) by Nicole Rule $39.00

10 video sessions and cheat sheets guiding you to live an abundant life.

  • The Rental Property 90 Day Action Plan (eBook) by Kendra Barnes $19.00

A step-by-step guide that walks you through everything you need to do to prepare for buying your first rental.

Money Mindset Tools

When it comes to living debt-free, having the right money mindset is the Ultimate Money Management tool to survive pandemic or any economical downtrends. Too many times, people keep running after more income but then situations like these limit the chances of going out to do jobs. In those situations, you need to master the mindset that you can earn from your skills from home.

Related Article: 5 easy ways to earn extra income

money mindset related courses and ebooks
7 Resources worth $229.99
  • 6 Steps to Heal Your Money Story (eCourse) by Rebecca Brumfield $20.00

Overcome career burnout and bust through the limiting beliefs that cause stress, burnout, and stagnation.     

  • 11 Ways Minimalism Saves You Money (Workbook) by Sarah Warth $5.99

Minimalism tends to correlate to less stuff, more money, and less stress. May this workbook provide encouragement and valuable tips along your journey.   

  • Mastering Your Money Mindset (Workbook) by Stacie Heaps $12.00

Change your financial outlook from one of scarcity to one of abundance and prosperity

  • Money Mindset for Businesses (Workbook) by Lindsay Maloney $27.00

Earn the money you deserve in your business with this training workbook.

  • Secrets of a Six Figure Freelancer (eBook) by Kate Bagoy $16.00

Get simple step-by-step advice from a Forbes Councils Coach for starting a freelance, coaching or consulting business and getting to your first $10K month.

Manifest more abundance into your life by asking for help from the universe with practical steps, not wishful thinking. If you’re finding it hard to keep going, why not try it and see how you can change your life.- Promote on zen manifesting as well

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Financial Wellness (eBook) by Danielle Davis $19.00

An entire guide filled with simple tools and resources to help you get unstuck and release the fear and anxiety you have around your money.

Plan Your Future with these Ultimate Money Management tools for Surviving PandemicTools

Plan your financial Future courses
8 Resources worth $330.98
  • Baby on a Budget (eCourse) by Erin Artfitch $49.00

The foolproof strategies you need to help parents prepare for and raise a baby without going broke.

Learn how to stop having money fights and finally get on the same page financially with your spouse.       

4 module course to help you learn how to manage and save money on an inconsistent income.

  • Organized Finances (eCourse) by Christen Nicole $67.00
    Helps you build a budget that enables you to build wealth and afford what you love. 
  • Paying for College Spreadsheet (Workbook) by Laura Dennis $7.00
    Helps you create a plan and stay on track from the freshman year of college to graduation and beyond.   
  • Quick Start Guide to Frugal Living (eCourse) by Melanie Nielson $47.00
    Your one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know about frugal living.
  • Sinking Funds Simplified (Workbook) by Kari Lorz $9.99
    Saving money can be easy, much easier than you could ever imagine! This workbook will help you set up savings buckets for everything you need, but can never seem to find the money for.
  • Teaching Children About Money Worksheet Pack (Printable) by Susan Santoro $6.99

14 worksheets to teach budgeting and financial responsibility to children of all ages.-

Ultimate Money Management tools- The Early Bird Bonuses

If you’re like me who always seek more value from any purchase, don’t forget to check out their early bird bonuses. They always include nifty bonuses that go along with the ultimate bundle topic. This year they are offering the following bonuses.


4 Bonuses worth $186.97
  • $25 credit to SaneBox worth $25

Stop wasting time on email. SaneBox prioritizes what’s important, lets you unsubscribe, snooze, move attachments to Dropbox and automate tedious tasks. Best of all, it works anywhere you use your email today.

  • 14 day membership Trial for Free to Wallet Win worth $99-

WalletWin provides the information you were never given on how to get out of debt, build wealth, and change the world through generosity. WalletWin aims to turn your personal finances from a source of frustration into one of freedom through fun, engaging, and strategic financial teaching. With your membership, you’ll get access to all the resources inside the WalletWin library.

  • Free 3 Month Subscription to Focuster worth $44.97

Focuster automatically schedules your To Do list in the empty slots in your calendar. Now you can focus on what’s important, rather than the tedium of managing your schedule. Focuster updates your schedule to maximize your productivity when your calendar changes. And if you don’t finish, Focuster will move it to the next available time. Recover your focus from distractions or interruptions with intelligent notifications that will remind you until you complete your top priority.

  • Free Laundry Machine Cleaner from MyGreenFills worth $18

I love MyGreenFills hypoallergenic products. They use revolutionary non-toxic chemistry technology to create the safest and most effective non-toxic products on the planet! The best part is they provide refillable cleaning products that you can mix and add in your current detergent bottles. No more plastic bottles/ container waster. Their Membership is free to join for everyone. If you have kids with sensitive skin who are allergic to most chemicals in common detergents, check MyGreenFills for sure.

Remember, these bonuses are only for early bird sign-ups to this bundle. They are only available if you get the bundle on December 7th and 8th, 2020. They will disappear after the 8th, you will still get a huge value from the bundle itself.

Total Value = $1712.94

Ultimate bundle of ebooks and courses

By themselves, many of these courses are well worth the price of the bundle. I personally love the following ebooks and ecourses.

  1. Your Credit Blueprint (eCourse) by Anthony Gaalaas,
  2. Cashflow Queen: Build Your Wealth Engine (eCourse) by Caroline Yuki,
  3. How Couples Can Get on the Same Page Financially (eCourse) by His & Her Money,
  4. Baby on a Budget (eCourse) by Erin Artfitch
  5. Side Hustles That Work (eCourse) by Caroline Vencil   

I’ve been following Caroline on her blog for years. She has been helping me and my family since the time we got married. Over the period of time, we both implemented many of her frugal ideas and managed to live on one income without struggling. The reason I started this blog is because I’m sure there are still people who want to find ideas on frugal living but who can be a bit lazy to do the work for it. No offense but living a frugal life is hard work. But Caroline makes it easy. She  is a penny-pinching frugalista who found ways to help her family live on her husband’s $17,000/year income. As a blogger and mother of four, Caroline has found money tips that work, without sacrificing your sanity (or working all the time!).


I personally want to use GROW your income resources and Plan for the future resources in 2021. But I’m sure, my family can continue to benefit from the budgeting tools for years to come. I am still using the same budgeting system I learnt in the past master your money bundle 4 years ago. It has been working great for us, why use new system if the old one is working.

Money back guarantee



With so much value and the benefit of having lifetime access to the products, if you still think that none of the resources mentioned above helped you save money, just email ultimate bundles and ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

They have a superb customer happiness guarantee, they will issue a refund, no questions asked. All in all, if you master these Ultimate Money Management tools for Surviving Pandemic, they will help you and your family a lifetime.

Don’t forget to Grab Ultimate Money Management tools for Surviving Pandemic today!

Money saving

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