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I am so excited that you are here. I know that  you really want to take charge of your life and your finances, but do not know where to start, you have come to the right place.

Let me tell you this is going to be a long journey! It is all about finding the right path, sticking with it when the going gets tough and celebrating every step, no matter how small it is!

What is a Conscious-Debt Free Life?

  • Finding a fine balance between aspirations and our own strenghts
  • Knowing the difference between needs and wants
  • Keeping the needs minimum for your own lifestyle
  • Starting where you are with what you have and working towards your life goals while enjoying the progress 

What is not a Conscious Debt-Free Life?

  • Living in constant worry about how to make ends meet
  • Living in misery or extreme frugality 
  • It is definitely not about leaving your day job or work to pursue your hobbies and interests when you clearly can not afford to do so right now
  • Accumulating stuff just because it is on sale

Conscious Debt- Free Life is all about

Financial Freedom * Personal Finance * Debt Freedom * Contentment * Financial Education * Financial awareness * Money Management * Make Money * Earn Passive Income * Grow your Income * Stop living Paycheck-to-paycheck * Build Wealth * Build sustainable Home * Live consciously * Live Minimally * Live Frugally * Grow your own food * Money Habits

Excited but do not know where to begin?


Once you answer the above 5 key questions, it will get easier for you to get started on saving for Emergency Fund. Remember the key is to maintain consistency.

First and foremost important is to keep your first emergency Fund ready. If you do not have one, or do not know what it is- please check out my blog post on 15 easy stesp to save $1000 fast and build your first emergency fund.

Create your next goals to get out of debt. Your reasons are very personal to you. They will keep motivating you throughout your journey.  You can check out some cool resources here.

Now that you know your top 5 reasons to get out of debt, make them work for you, even when you are asleep.

Creating your own vision board will help you focus, stay on track as well as keep reminding you about the rewards you will receive at the end of all the hard-work you are putting.

Now that your reasons are clear, your vision board is ready, all you need to do is stay connected with your goals, and with the like minded people going through the similar journey as yours.commit to the actions that will eventually help you get free from debt and stay that way forever.

Connections are powerful because they enable us to commit to the actions that will eventually help us get free from debt and stay that way forever.

If you just want to know how this blog can help you, there are multiple ways to access information here.

In the TOP BAR:

  • Look for 3 important categories for your goal- Get out of Debt, Stay our of Debt and Live consciously. 
  • To get help on specific tips, explore sub-categories- Save money, Earn Passive Income, Retire Early, Eat Health, Frugal Home and Slow Down
  • Use the Search box to look for the specific information you want. 
  • Access cool Resources to save money, time and energy on one single page here.
  • Articles: Read all the blog posts here. But if you are looking for something specific, you can look into categories mentioned below

What else you will find in Conscious Debt-Free Life?

This blog has 6 main categories centered around conscious living, conscious consumption and conscious wealth creation.

Consciously create a downtime in your life. Start with small breaks throughout the day and slow down the pace of your life to live in the moment and cultivate life
Save Money on life's everyday necessities with Easy Tips, Tricks, life hacks and using what you have to its fullest potential. After all, money saved is money earned!
Create a Rich, Content, Healthy and Relaxing Life by embracing MINIMALISM, prioritizing work that matters the most and counting the blessings every day
Learn how to establish purposeful side hustles to earn a sustainable passive income.
Collection of Just Simple and Healthy Recipes made with REAL Whole Food and Tasty yet Frugal Ingredients. Remember if you can boil water, you can definitely cook!
Retire On Your Own Terms, Ideally Before You Need To!

Transitioning from a 9-5!

I’m a stay at home wife to a fellow engineer. I studied Engineering, Business Marketing and Project Management. Back in the day, I spent my days and most nights working for Corporate giants, traveling to far away industrial client sites and advised them on how to save money, reduce waste, and improve their bottom line. I was burnt out from non-stop demands of chaotic work life. So now I implement all those lean principles of reducing waste and improving the bottom-line for my small venture, friends, family and clients who want to transition into their own small business from a stressful 9-5 job.  I love to share our debt-free adventures in  here and inspire others to live a conscious debt-free life! Together, we will explore how to create a work-life balance now, save money and finally get financially independent! Will you Join me in this adventure? Do you wonder if you can ever leave that stressful work behind and start working for yourself? If yes, just read below!


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