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I share resources that will keep you and me motivated and accountable on our debt-free journey. These Specific, Actionable and Simple strategies will  help you, me and many others like us to track and to get out of that stub-burn debt one day at a time.

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Weekly inspirational articles, Easy 30 minutes or less recipes, Done- for-you Menu Plans and a ton of other useful resources to live a content,slower, frugal, minimalist and conscious life everyday. Remember the STRUGGLE IS NOT REQUIRED!

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Everything you and I will need to stay out of debt forever by following a more sustainable, frugal and minimalist lifestyle. Learn how to reduce your spending at home, at work, in school and on vacation. Every week I write motivating content that will help both of us to stay on track and kick debt smartly.

Transitioning from a 9-5!

I’m a stay at home wife to a fellow engineer. I studied Instrumentation Engineering, Business Marketing and Project Management. Back in the day, I spent my days and most nights working for Corporate giants, traveling to far away industrial client sites and advised them on how to save money, reduce waste, and improve their bottom line. I was burnt out from non-stop demands of chaotic work life. So now I implement all those lean principles of reducing waste and improving the bottom-line for my small venture, friends, family and clients who want to transition into their own small business from a stressful 9-5 job.  I love to share our debt-free adventures in  here and inspire others to live a conscious debt-free life! Together, we will explore how to create a work-life balance now, save money and finally get financially independent! Will you Join me in this adventure? Do you wonder if you can ever leave that stressful work behind and start working for yourself? If yes, just read below!

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