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Spicy Peanuts Recipe {Indian}

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Looking for a snack with a kick? Try this delicious spicy peanuts recipe made in Indian Style.

It’s made with raw peanuts and a blend of aromatic spices.

Get ready to enjoy the perfect balance of heat and crunch.

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You can even serve it in as a side to a hot BBQ meal.

Spicy Peanuts Recipe {Indian}


Ingredients - salt, coriander powder, cumin powder, fresh curry leaves, red chili powder

  • 2 cups raw peanuts
  • 1 tablespoon oil (preferably peanut or vegetable oil)
  • 1 teaspoon red chili powder (adjust according to your spice preference)
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon chaat masala (optional)
  • Salt to taste
  • Fresh curry leaves (optional, for added flavor)


  • Frying pan or skillet
  • Wooden spoon or spatula
  • Bowl or plate for cooling

Step-by-Step Instructions to Make Spicy Peanuts Recipe Indian Style:

Step 1: Prepare the Pan and Heat

Take a frying pan or skillet and set it on the stovetop over medium heat. Give the pan some time to heat up before introducing the peanuts.

Step 2: Dry Roast the Peanuts:

After the pan is hot, put the raw peanuts in the pan without any oil or liquid. Roast them for around 4-5 minutes, stirring often to avoid burning.

Step 3: Add Oil and Spices:

Red peanuts

Once the peanuts are dry-roasted, pour some oil over them and give them a good mix. This helps the spices stick to the peanuts. Add red chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, and salt. Give the peanuts a toss to ensure they are evenly coated with the spices.

Step 4: Add fresh curry leaves (Optional)

If you have fresh curry leaves, you can add them at this stage. Curry leaves add a delightful flavor to the peanuts. Stir them in with the peanuts and spices.

Step 5: Roast the Peanuts

Peanuts roasting in the pan

Keep roasting the peanuts over medium heat for an additional 5-6 minutes, stirring them often. Roast them until they become crispy and turn a lovely golden brown color.

As the peanuts roast, the spices will blend in, giving them a delicious and spicy coating.

Step 6: Check for doneness

To ensure the peanuts are roasted to your desired level of crispiness, take a sample peanut, allow it to cool slightly, and taste it. Adjust the roasting time accordingly if needed.

Remember to stir the peanuts occasionally as they cool down to ensure that any remaining heat is distributed evenly and to prevent them from developing an uneven texture.

Step 7: Serve or store

Serve the spicy peanuts once they cool down completely.

two bowls of dry roasted peanuts and spicy peanuts

You can also store them in an airtight container once they reach room temperature to maintain their crispiness.

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    What else can you serve with Spicy Indian Peanuts Recipe?

    Spicy peanuts can be served as a standalone snack or as part of a larger spread. Here are a few suggestions.

    • Chutneys:

    Serve spicy peanuts with a variety of chutneys such as mint chutney, tamarind chutney, or yogurt-based raita. The contrasting flavors and textures create a delightful combination.

    • Fresh Fruits:

    Offer a selection of fresh fruits like sliced cucumber, watermelon, or pineapple. The refreshing and juicy nature of fruits balances out the spiciness of the peanuts.

    • Vegetable Sticks:

    Serve sliced carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, or celery sticks alongside spicy peanuts. These crunchy and healthy options provide a refreshing contrast to the heat of the peanuts.

    • Papadums:

    Crispy papadums or papads, a popular Indian accompaniment, pair well with spicy peanuts. They add a crispy element and can be enjoyed together for a satisfying crunch.

    • Bhel Puri:

    Spicy peanuts can be incorporated into Bhel Puri, a popular Indian street food snack. It combines puffed rice, sev, chopped vegetables, and tangy chutneys, making it a flavorful and texturally diverse dish.

    • Samosas:

    Spicy peanuts can be served alongside or inside samosas, which are deep-fried savory pastries filled with a mixture of potatoes, spices, and sometimes peas. The combination is a classic favorite.

    • Masala Tea:

    Spicy peanuts are often enjoyed with a hot cup of masala tea. The warmth and aromatic flavors of the tea complement the spiciness of the peanuts.

    • Maharashtrian Sabudana Khichadi:

    These peanuts can be either added to the Maharashtrian Sabudana Khichadi Recipe or can be served on the fasting day.

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    • Indian Snack Mixtures:

    Combine spicy peanuts with other Indian snack mixtures like sev, chivda, or namkeen for a diverse assortment of flavors and textures.

    My favorite is Masala Tea with Spicy Peanuts. It’s a perfect snack for a rainy day here in Tennessee.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do the spicy peanuts stay fresh?

    Properly stored in an airtight container at room temperature, spicy peanuts can stay fresh for several weeks. Make sure to keep them away from moisture and direct sunlight to maintain their crispiness.

    Can I use salted peanuts instead of raw peanuts to make this recipe?

    Yes, you can use salted peanuts instead of raw peanuts in the recipe. However, keep in mind that the level of saltiness may vary, so you may need to adjust the amount of salt added to the recipe accordingly.

    Are there any cheap substitutes for the listed spices?

    Yes, you can experiment with different spices based on your taste preferences. You may consider adding spices like paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, or even a pinch of garam masala to add additional flavor.

    Can I serve Spicy Peanuts as a potluck recipe at an Indian party?

    Absolutely! Spicy peanuts make for a great addition to the menu, providing a flavorful and crunchy snack option for guests to enjoy.

    Spicy peanuts can be served as a standalone snack or incorporated into various dishes like chaats, mixtures, or even as a topping for salads or appetizers.

    They add a touch of spice and a burst of flavor to the party spread, making them a popular choice among guests. Just make sure to prepare enough to satisfy everyone’s snacking cravings!

    Can I use other nuts instead of peanuts in this recipe?

    Although this recipe tastes great with Peanuts, you can use other nuts like cashews, almonds, or a mix of different nuts to create a spicy nut mix.

    But please note that all nuts have different properties so adjust the roasting time accordingly.

    Can I use an air fryer to roast the peanuts instead of a stovetop?

    Yes, you can use an air fryer to roast the peanuts instead of a stovetop. Follow the instructions provided by the air fryer manufacturer for roasting nuts or adjust the settings accordingly.

    Are spicy peanuts suitable for those with dietary restrictions?

    Spicy peanuts can be suitable for many dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian and vegan diets.

    However, please consider individual dietary needs and preferences, especially for those with specific allergies or sensitivities.

    Always check with your guests before serving any recipes.

    How do I prevent the peanuts from burning during the roasting process?

    To prevent the peanuts from burning, make sure to roast them over medium heat and stir them frequently.

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    Final Thoughts on Spicy Peanuts Recipe

    The combination of dry roasting the peanuts to perfection, coating them with aromatic spices, and achieving that ideal balance of heat and crunch makes this recipe a crowd-pleaser.

    Whether you’re hosting an Indian-themed party, attending a potluck, or simply craving a zesty snack, these spicy peanuts are sure to impress.

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