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NOTE- I love making digital planners, organizers and checklists for our family. These small but mighty planners have saved us a lot of time, energy and money. My friends and family love using them. Now I’m offering them as digital downloadbale products for you. All my lists come in PDF format. No physical product will be shipped to you. You get instant access to the digital journal once payment is made. You also receive the email with the product download link in it.

Refund Policy-

Due to the nature of the products, all sales are final. All digital content will be released to you, and you get immediate access to everything inside the digital product. Hence, NO refund will be issued. I truly follow the principle of giving more value to you in all my digital products. The prices are intentionally kept lower than the market value of similar planners and ebooks.

Ultimate Financial Planner for 2021

You’ll get 100 pages in PDF format. This is a digital file. No physical product will be shipped.

This ultimate financial planner covers blank templates ready to be printed for all your money needs for 2021. It includes-

  • 2021 Resolutions, Vision Board and Big Picture
  • Financial Goals and Important Information. This information comes handy at all times.
  • Monthly Money Goals, Budget, Trackers, Reflections
  • Weekly Money Goals and Reflections
  • Daily Money Goals
  • Monthly Goals, Progress and Reflections, Next Month Planner
  • Quarterly Reflections and Next Quarter Money Tasks
  • Annual Reflections and 2022 Year at a Glance Calendar

BONUS- No spend trackers, Money Saving Habits Tracker!

January Planner pages are arranged for you. You are advised to print common monthly, weekly, and daily planner pages for each month from February-December 2021.

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Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

When you express gratitude daily, Universe works extra hard to show you with more blessings. Get this Daily Gratitude journal to document One Good Thing a Day!

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Self Care Journal

SelfCare Journal for Winter

Explore your likes, dreams and childhood memories in the safety and comfort of this Self-Care Journal.

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Food Planning Lists

Food planning lists

Stock up on essential foods, plan your meals and avoid food waste all year long!BONUS- Spending Freeze Checklist and Menu Plan
Stock up food checklist for Emergency and Pandemic

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Frugal Kitchen Essential Tools

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The Minimalist Kitchen Tools Book

If you have been a regular reader of this website, you know kitchen tools are my weakness. It is very hard for me to de-clutter kitchen stuff. So when we moved from a big house big L-shaped kitchen to tiny apartment and one simple kitchen platform, I had to take a good hard look at all kitchen stuff. This book helped me choose what I need the most and let go of items I rarely used to make all our meals at home. Get this book in the library if your library has one or get it from Kindle or Audible for free and put it to good use.

Instant Pot

This mega powerhouse saves me time, money and energy to cook healthy wholesome meals at home in a jiffy!

Kitchen Utensils

This is the best housewarming gift I got years ago. Easy to use, clean and store. A must for every kitchen- Small and Big!

Wooden Utensils

These tools are excellent to work with non-stick pots and pans. I also use them for handing fermented foods like kefir, kimchi and yogurt. You can make homemade yogurt in that Instant Pot!


This is one appliance I consider the biggest tool in our medicine cabinet. The fruits, fiber and their nutrients are the biggest immune boosters to defend any illness.

Bread Machine

With this bread machine, make simple 3 ingredients bread at home in 1-2-3 steps. Never buy bread in a plastic cover at store again! The earth will thank you and your tummy will smile every time you eat home-baked bread.

Pots and Pans

This set is my favorite in the whole house. If and when S@#$, I will grab a few of these pans and run away in emergency. Will last us a life-time!

Smart Money Books

Money Fundamentals

Understand how to use smart money principles that work for you and your family. The principles are never taught at colleges because if they teach you these principles you will stop working for others and become rich working for yourself! Just get the book, pen and paper, and do not buy anything else in the promotion. Best $10 education that will set you apart from Ivy league graduates.

Get out of debt quickly

Dave knows how to attack debt and he has taught thousands to eliminate their debt. You do not need to follow all his principles all your life but follow them until you say final bbye to your annoying debt. And then follow money management principles by Robert Kiyosaki.

Get your major financial goals planned in 6 weeks

This book will NOT teach you to budget or cut your coffee spending. But it will teach you to get your financial life in order under 6 weeks. Best for fresh graduates from college but also great for people in 30s who tend to make repeated money mistakes since their 20s.

Cash-Flow Quadrant

Choose to be on the right side of cash-flow quadrant to get financially independent. Make systems, and hire people to make complete passive income.

Simple Life Encouragement and Resources

The Joy of Less

Minimalism with One Thing

Socrates Theme