Best Blogging Tools For Low Budget

Blogging is the easiest way to make money in 2021. You can start your OWN BLOG on a shoestring budget (under $6 a month- if you get good quality shoestring) and make a six-figure income with “good quality” content.

But do you know the saying, “It takes money to make money”? It is true for blogging as well. Check out the best blogging tools that will help you make money from a truly PROFITABLE blog without Breaking the Bank!

Before you jump to the resources, wait a minute. It is time for a big fat meaty disclaimer because we follow the RULES here. That’s a quick tip for you out there- Always follow the FTC rules for recommending any good resources or tools. The focus of my blog is to save money and make money. So, 90% of the tools or training I mention here are either completely FREE or cost less than a cheap (yet yummy) dinner at your local diner. So here ya go-

Disclaimer-This page contains some links to the products and services I highly recommend. It means I will earn a small commission that helps me run this website (at no cost to you) if you decide to purchase any of the products. I have and will always include only those resources which hold the test of times and have been beneficial for making this website successful on a real tight budget. With any digital product, make sure that it fits your needs and goals before purchasing anything. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used for myself and my family. Please read my disclosure for more information.

FREE Blogging Courses to Help You Create Your Blog Without Wasting Time!

12 month free blog plan

Free Blog Course and 12 Month Blog Plan

Suzi is my favorite blogger and teacher. She makes it very easy for everyone to start the blog without too much technical mumbo-jumbo. In this free course, she shares the exact plan she followed to grow her blog from $0 to over $9,000 per month in her first year. It was the first course I took before starting this blog.

egal Course for Bloggers 2

Learn the Legal Stuff For Your Blog

Lucrezia is an international lawyer & university lecturer (LLB, LLM, PhD in International and EU Law). She uses her research, and 15+ years's legal expertise and blogging esuccess to show new bloggers how to blog profitably and legally.

Best Paid Resources to Help You and Your Family Find Success through Blogging


The Family Blogger Ebook

Blogging is a wonderful money-making adventure. But, it can get lonely and tiresome if you have no support from your family. Victoria from A Modern Homestead knows about it and she wrote this ebook on How to Run a Successful Blog without Missing Family Time. I personally vouch for it as it brought my husband on the same page with me when it comes to my priorities for this blog. It is a still a pretty small blog but it's taking me a long time to fill it up with goodies and useful content. There is no point building a profitable blog if it takes you away from your family. Check out this mighty, practical and straightforward book from a busy homeschooling mom, homesteader, and successful entrepreneur who knows the struggles of blogging and has achieved success in a relatively short amount of time with focus, determination and her excellent knowledge.

Writing laptop

Truely Evergreen Email Newsletter System

In the blogging world, you will hear a success mantra- "Money is in the List". But if you are like me, sending emails to people to buy something is very (painstakingly) hard. I have no trouble sending FREE gifts in the email, but when it comes to paid products, I think, procrastinate, do everything else under the sun but write a promotional email. But this changed since taking this course. Victoria from A Modern Homestead has created a brilliant "Yearly Automation system- called The Evergreen Newsletter (TEN) that includes seasonal content for most of the email service providers that exist today. This system frees you from the grind of writing newsletters every single time. Check it out. It's simply brilliant. Don't forget to scroll down and read the student reviews on her sales page. Some of them started blogging a while back but kept postponing email newsletters until then found a this Email system . Learn from the Pros. Struggle is not always necessary if you find the strong and proven wheels to drive yourself to success!

Once you have Basic Blog Structure in place, move onto products.

Free Graphic Design Course for Beginners

Kimi Kinsey is an excellent creative blogger. I love her Blogging Templates and tutorials. In this free course, she teaches everything you need to know about excellent design before you start creating graphics for your blog or business. Your website deserves happy, better looking graphics. Learn it from Kimi!

FREE Optin Page Template (Elementor)

Kimi is so generous in providing her FREE Opt-In Page Template suitable for Elementor Page builder. Why do you need an optin? Well, who does not love free gift? I do. But I have to give my email to receive it. And that's how you as a blogger build your Email list.Remember the famous quote "Money is in the list" ? Creating great freebies is a lot of work - and designing a page that encourages people to sign up for it is even harder! This drag ‘n drop template is mobile responsive, fully customizable, and fun to use!

More Sources for FREE Graphics, Fonts, Banners and Logo

freebie-banners- Creative Fabrica

Free Graphics, Fonts, and Creative Goodies Daily

Creative Fabrica is a dream site for creative professionals for amazing fonts, images in different format and templates. They bring the best possible tools for improving your creativity and productivity. What I love the most about it, they have daily FREE gifts for everyone. And if you like to buy a specific logo or design, check out their daily deals for $1- $5. I use ost of their freebies to make my FREE lead magnets or optins.

Free Designs From Design Cuts

Get 20+ free product bundle when you join Design Cuts Email newsletter. They also add a new product to the FREE bundle every month and email it out to you! Plus get three more free marketplace products emailed out to you a month (available for a limited time only). I make my Printables using their paid graphics which are relatively cheaper than anywhere else. Above graphic is just for an example. It may not be available for FREE when you see this page.

Grow Your Blog with SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media


Passive Promotion Guidebook

In this small but mighty guidebook by Kimi Kinsey, you’ll get insight, guidance, and resources for incorporating passive forms of promotion. It will help you to strengthen your business presence and build a scalable, money-making business. Download it, fill it up and start working on building a passive income from your blog!


Build Your Resource Library for FREE

Resource Library is a collection of useful resources for your readers that help solve their problem or help them achieve a goal. On this blog, I have resource library for saving money. This is a resource library to help you start your own blog. You can build a similar resource library for your readers and use it to grow your email list. It can be a simple plain list but why not create a beautiful library like this with the help of Kimi? She teaches how to make your own library in this course.

SEO course

SEO Foundations Course (FREE)

Starting a blog, making an opt-in freebie and creating a resource library is easier because you are in control of what you put out there. But you get the traction to your hard-work when Google loves your blog. A website with proper SEO (search engine optimization) has a chance at ranking high on Google, which subsequently can send traffic like wildfire to your blog. In this short and simple SEO course, a six-figure blogger and entrepreneur Chelsea Clark teaches about basics of SEO, keywords tips, and how to do SEO audit of your blog.

Collaboration Opportunity

Entrepreneur & Blogger Toolkit (FREE)

My favorite blogger Chelsea Clark has designed her own Resource Library for Entrepreneurs and bloggers. Get instant access to her members-only resource library of tools and free trainings. Her library includes quite a lot of tools, remember to stick with basics initially and then move on to advanced tools as your blog grows in size.

Free Pinterest Templates

Pinterest Templates (FREE)

When you are a new blogger, you need quick organic interest (also known as Traffic) to your blog. Google is not your best friend for first few months. Pinterest comes to the rescue here. But if you struggle with design, Carly Campbell makes the job easy for you with her FREE pin templates made in CANVA and PicMonkey ( both cloud based FREE design tools). Here she is offering beautifully designed, click worthy pin templates along with a training and her perfect pin checklist. All this for FREE. Unbelievable. Now you have no excuse to start pinning.

Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks for Bloggers

Once you learn how to make amazing Pins from Carly, learn her PINTEREST TITLE TRAFFIC HACKS. This is not a FREE course but its really good to get FREE organic traffic from Pinterest. In this course, she teaches 7 crazy easy tricks to increase your traffic from Pinterest... just by changing how you write headlines. If you are on a tight budget, I suggest this is the best investment for your profitable blogging journey.

Best Blogging Tools for Design, Emails, Content Creation and Productivity

self care journal for winter

Canva - Design Tool

This is the best FREE design and editing tool. It comes with tones of pre-designed templates for most of your product creation and marketing needs. I create all my Pins, Templates, Planners, Twitter and Facebook Posts with this FREE Tool.

Free Tools Giveaway

Make Printables Easily

Supplement your online income by making your own digital products and sell them on your website or ETSY. If you want to make money from easy homeschooling and other printbales, Faith Lee teaches how to make Easy planners, printables for selling on your blog, teacher pay teacher, Etsy, and Shopify. This is the fastest growing market. So get in-demand skills.

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