Day 1- Christmas Advent Calendar Free Gift

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Day 1- Self Care Journal

Self Care Journal for Winter

Hello everyone.

If you are new here and excited for the holiday season, grab your Free Gift on 24 days of Advent Calendar.

This year we all have been quite brave and weathered the storm of Pandemic. Many of us are hurting. Many of you will say there is just no reason to celebrate this holiday. But there is.

There is a reason to celebrate this holiday season or any season for that matter.

Covid-19 pandemic has taught us all that there is no better day to celebrate life than now. There is no better season to be conscious of what this time means than now.

Because You Matter!

So, let go of any sadness, anger, frustration or just any worry for a few minutes. Take some time away from worrying about future and remembering the sadness of this year. Put that time into writing a journal. 

You are given full permission to spend time taking care of yourself.

Here is a FREE Self-care Journal for you. This journal is about you. Write your heart out- what you like about yourself and about your life. We are coming close to a new year. We do not know what 2021 has in store for us but I’m just a sharing a tool with you to explore your likes, your dreams, your favorite childhood memories and anything else you want to tell yourself in the safety and comfort of this journal.

This journal has helped me and in turn, my family when we transitioned into a slower life in the chaotic city.It helped us when I was struggling to come to terms with living a full time 9-to-5 job. It was my best friend when I lost key member of my family and it took me out from the depths of post-partum depression safely.

And now it yours.

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Do you have Christmas family traditions? What do you do in anticipation of Christmas? Share your thoughts. I would love to know.

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