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Easter on Budget- {15 Tips}

Easter does not have to be expensive. You can celebrate Easter on budget with careful planning and money-saving tips. Considering the recent economical and social developments, this year plan your easter activities under budget. This article will give 15 ideas to celebrate Easter with your family and most importantly, seniors.  Easter means new life and […]

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20 Frugal Accomplishments towards Financial Freedom

When we talk about frugal and minimalist living, the frugal accomplishments over one year play a huge role. These accomplishments move you closer to your goal of financial freedom. Would you like to know which frugal living hacks really work and which ones are just myths? This article will give a collection of the top […]

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7 Frugal Shopping Hacks to Save Money On Black Friday

Scared of overspending on this Black Friday? Use these top 7 Frugal shopping hacks to save money and shop smartly. Usually, I write about Black Friday back in September or October. Last year, we were planning to get major updates done in our home and hence maintained a good wish-list to keep our expenses down. […]

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40 Money-Saving Tips for Back-to-school shopping

Back to School season is almost here. Get ready for the school with these 40-money-saving tips you can use for school supplies, clothing, and craft supplies. It’s one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year! Some families find it challenging to save money to pay their children’s school fees whilst balancing the […]

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