Plate of Pasta

Vegan creamy one-pot pasta- {20 Min Recipe}

Are you busy on weeknights and looking for an easy recipe to make in under 20 minutes? With this yummy vegan creamy one-pot pasta, it is much easier to fill your tummy and save hours of cleaning up after. Make this easy peasy one-pot pasta recipe in under 20 minutes tonight. I’m a frugal wife […]

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Eggs in basket with flowers

Easter on Budget- {15 Tips}

Easter does not have to be expensive. You can celebrate Easter on budget with careful planning and money-saving tips. Considering the recent economical and social developments, this year plan your easter activities under budget. This article will give 15 ideas to celebrate Easter with your family and most importantly, seniors.  Easter means new life and […]

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Plate with cauliflower

Air Fryer Cauliflower- {Easy Indian Recipe}

Cauliflower is considered one of the healthiest cruciferous vegetables that helps lose weight and keep you fit. With this easy, nutritious, and flavorful Air fryer cauliflower Indian recipe, it is much easier to stay healthy. It is perfect of you follow a low-fat, keto, or whole-30 diet. Make this easy peasy appetizer recipe under 40 […]

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Easy Peasy Salmon Curry in a Hurry- {30 Min Recipe}

With salmon, it is much easier to stay healthy. Without the fuss of spending hours in the kitchen, this tasty, heart-healthy, and versatile Salmon curry in a hurry recipe is perfect to eat for lunch, dinner, or even brunch on Sunday. Make this easy peasy curry recipe under 30 minutes today. You’ll love Salmon Curry […]

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