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This blog chronicles my family’s adventure to live a debt-free, minimalist lifestyle. Through trial and error, we’re finding creative ways to earn, save, and spend consciously.

Here you will find:

  • Frugal living hacks that simplify your life, from easy homemade recipes to decluttering tips that give you back time.
  • Real talk on the challenges of changing lifelong money habits. I’ll share where we succeed, where we mess up, and everything we learn along the way.
  • Monthly check-ins on our no-spend challenges, food budgets, random money musings, and the little wins that keep us motivated.
  • Our vision for a rewarding, slower-paced life. One that’s rich in family, nature, and fun – not stuff

In short, this blog exists to keep us accountable in our desire to find a slow life that is frugal yet rewarding!

And above all, I feel there is something here for everyone. This is going to be exciting.  So stick around!

Would you like to start taking charge of money?

Money and everything related to it is the foundation of getting financial freedom. But, our modern society only talks about money from the perspective of earning more, owning more, and doing more just to be able to live a happy life.

In reality, happiness does not depend on the amount of money you earn. If you spend 40+ hours doing a job that does not fulfill you, you may not find joy in it.

True financial freedom is knowing you have enough. It comes from getting smart about money and creating a system to:

You don’t need to be very rich to find peace and joy.

Focus less on chasing wealth and more on being financially independent.

Focus more on building financial skills.

Learn how money works and take control of your finances.

Use this simple budget system (50-30-20 Budgeting) below to take charge of your money now!

Simple Budget Worksheet

About me

Dee Blog

Hi, I’m Dee – An Aspiring Minimalist On The Road To Financial Freedom.

I document my passion for simple and frugal living on this blog with the hope that you get inspiration to embrace a slower lifestyle.

On this blog, I share my adventures in saving money through:

  • Frugal recipes and meal plans that keep our grocery budget under $250/month
  • Clever ways to declutter and organize home
  • Smart strategies to pay off debt and grow wealth

I’m a lazy housewife with big dreams of retiring early in my family’s homestead.

In my early 20s, my mom (retired banker) helped me get started in real estate and stock trading.

I continued doing that while doing a full-time job in Management Consulting. It helped me save 40% of my take-home pay.

After getting married, we realized we shared a passion for simple, frugal living.

While we’re not extreme minimalists, we find joy in conscious spending, making do with less, and getting out of debt.

We’re building multiple income streams through online businesses, so we can gain more freedom and flexibility.

Our goal is to retire in our 50s to a sustainable, self-sufficient homestead.

This year we are working on saving $10,000 to grow our Emergency Fund.

This blog keeps us accountable on our journey. I’m honest about our successes and slip-ups along the way.

If you want to get out of debt and create financial freedom, without depriving yourself, join me!

Let’s encourage each other to spend mindfully, save aggressively, and enjoy the simple things in life.

Don’t forget to browse around and get more money-saving tips on this blog.

It is good to have you. Thank you for stopping by!

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I am not an expert in personal finance. I am currently studying to be a classical homeopath. I only advocate the information based on my experiences, observations, and an ever-growing appetite for knowledge. Many tips and strategies mentioned on my blog may or may not work for you or your family or friends. I invite my fellow readers and learners to reflect on the content and modify your approach to living frugally and sustainably.
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