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This blog is all about documenting our journey to achieve debt-free life consciously and creatively one day at a time.

Here you will find:

  • Simple, frugal, and minimalist ways to live a more sustainable and debt-free life by earning, saving, and spending consciously
  • Easy and nutritious recipes made with real food
  • Ideas to reduce clutter and simplify everyday life with special productivity tips and access to FREE membership of Resource Center
  • Every once a month or so, you will get snippets of my family’s food hauls, no spend challenges, kitchen m, sings, and random fun stories
  • Our experiences as we take a fun-filled ride on this debt-free adventure. We understand that it is going to be challenging, and I will share those challenges with you every step of the way. You will get to read what we learned, what worked, and especially what did not work for us.

In short, this blog exists to keep us accountable in our desire to find a slow life that is frugal yet rewarding!

And above all, I feel there is something here for everyone. This is going to be exciting.  So stick around!

Hello and welcome to my little piece of the internet. I am Dee, and author of this blog

I started this blog in order to document our experiences to improve our lifestyle, downsize our life and learn from others to live a slow conscious debt-free life.

I write from my own experiences, struggles, and opinions. Many times on this blog, I refer to my life partner as Mr. CD and may write about his views(with his permission, of course). Since this is our family’s frugal journey, I may also share our joint opinions and represent them as “we”. 

Now that I sorted this out, let me share a brief about us.

I’m a 30-something woman married to a hard-working and a born minimalist, who is the main force behind our simple frugal lifestyle. 

Long before this whole F.I.R.E (Financial Independence, Retire Early)movement started, we both followed quite a bit of an idea that is so popular at this time. Now you will ask me what is F.I.R.E movement? Contrary to what you hear in the news, it is not what you think!

Now you know what I’m talking about, if you are interested to know more about us, go on, read further. But if what you read about F.I.R.E makes you cringe about the concept of frugality, hustling, living in a tiny home, pinching pennies, and cutting corners a.k.a. cutting the cable (seriously, I wonder how many folks still have the cable?), fret not my friend.

We are not A Typical frugal family. 

We live in a smaller and older house but drive a new and bigger car. And we do not fret over the mortgage for both of these necessities of our life.

We do not mind living with used furniture but spend way more on continuing education than any family’s average education budget. 

We do not pinch pennies and coupon excessively but still manage to keep our monthly grocery bill consistently below $150-$180 a month.

Furthermore, we do not use cash envelopes but use credit cards (as debit cards) only for our needs and truly wants. Read more about it here.

We rarely shop sales but get amazing satisfaction from the annual best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday once a year. Read about our Black Friday Cyber Monday Wishlist here. 

We do not cook once a month and freeze food to eat over the whole month. We shop for fresh local food and cook fresh food daily at home. Occasionally, we love to splurge on eating out without guilt. 

We are not extreme minimalists in any sense as we own a decent amount of clothes and accessories (I definitely own more than I will ever need). In fact, the kitchen is one place minimalism is strictly prohibited. We own way too many digital gadgets including computer monitors, hard disks, etc. It is a real struggle for us. Ditto for books. E-books are good space-saving options. I do own them, but I just can not part away from my hardcover books. Hence, the bookshelf is on our wish list for Black Friday deals.

In 2021, we both starting our year-long decluttering challenge to reduce our footprint. We plan to get rid of 1 thing a day i.e 365 things in 2021. 

Would you like to join us in our annual decluttering challange? Click here now.

So, in a sense, we are just enough frugal to fall into the definition of F.I.R.E lifestyle, in that we enjoy our life with available resources at our disposal but at the same time, we don’t necessarily fall into extreme frugality to limit our chances to gain life’s rich experiences. 

We both spent a major part of our 20s in traditional universities gaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees without paying a single penny for student loans, thanks to our amazingly talented and frugal parents. 

We are both dreamers with an equal passion and even more determination to work on our dream to retire early. And by early, we are thinking of the 50s. We are also big believers in green, sustainable, and god centered living.  One day, we are sure to live on fully productive and rich farmland totally debt-free.  We have not figured out how it will happen and what we must or must not do. But we will try to be more conscious of making an honest living from our skills. Because more skills are more money. This blog is our honest attempt to document this journey.

So far, we have learned a great deal about sustainable debt-free living from our family, friends, and other amazing bloggers. Their personal finance stories give us motivation, inspiration, and a good nudge to keep our life in order. So many times in the past, we got saved from making expensive mistakes. We also learned from some of our own mistakes. In the last few years, we managed to cultivate a few frugal ninja habits that have kept us afar from unnecessary consumer debt. These habits do not make us feel deprived of anything we don’t need. 

Now, it is our chance to give back to others who are struggling with a chaos-driven, consumption-oriented, debt-haunted fast lifestyle or those who are already on the road to reduce consumption seeking a slower-paced life with financial independence. 

Here on this blog, we will share our ups, downs, challenges, and small wins. We intend to make this journey fun, filled with the flexibility to chose our own financial freedom and rich family experiences. We hope you join us in this family and share a conscious debt-free life forever!

Thank you for stopping by!

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