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100 Envelope Challenge Tracker (Free Printable)

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Ready to level up your savings? Our 100 Envelope Challenge Tracker Free Printable will guide you toward your next savings goal.

Take control of your money, save systematically, and watch your money grow one envelope at a time!

Let’s get started.

iPad showing 100 envelope challenge tracker printable

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Toward the end, I have also suggested a few tips to make 100 Envelope Challenge effective.

100 Envelope Challenge Tracker (Free Printable)

Get your FREE 100 Envelope Challenge Tracker Printable below.

Do come back to this article to learn how to effectively use this Printable for your saving challenge

Why does a 100-envelope challenge work?

This challenge works because it’s simple and distraction-free

It is a fun way to consistently save for your next goal.

It allows you to stick with your budget, especially if you follow the 50-20-30 budget rule!

Computer showing the challenge tracker

What is the 100 Envelope Challenge?

The 100 Envelope Challenge is a savings technique where you use 100 envelopes to represent different amounts of money as a way to save and reach a financial goal.

How does the 100 Envelope Challenge work?

The challenge works by assigning specific amounts to each envelope and contributing that designated amount regularly.

As you progress, you save increasing amounts of money in each envelope, gradually building your savings over time.

E.g. If your goal is to save $5200 this year, divide this amount by 100. It will give you $52. This is the amount you save in each envelope.

How much money should I assign to each envelope?

The amount of money you assign to each envelope is flexible.

It depends on your financial situation and goals.

You can customize the amounts to fit your needs, whether it’s smaller increments like $1 or larger ones like $100.

To keep things simple, use our 100 Envelope Challenge Tracker Printable. It has the amount listed in $1 increments. The goal is to save $5,050 in 100 envelopes.

If you want to save for different goals such as $10,000 to $20,0000, get our Tracker Printables in the Shop.

Can I customize the amounts for the envelopes?

Two envelopes with the black text on them


You can customize the amounts for the envelopes according to your preferences and financial capability.

In this FREE 100 Envelope Challenge printable, I have set aside $1 for Envelope #1, $2 for Envelope #2, and so on.

So if you pick up Envelope #37 on Day 1 of the challenge, you will save $37 in that envelope ( and then mark it as done).

If you want to change the amount, you have two options.


  • Make use of any envelopes you have at home and write the amount you want to save on them as shown in the image above.

Tips to use FREE 100 Envelopes Tracker Challenge Printable

Here are some tips, both common and unusual, to effectively do the challenge:

  • Set clear goals:

Determine why you’re doing the challenge and what you hope to achieve. Whether it’s for a specific purchase, an emergency fund, or a future vacation, having a goal will help motivate you throughout the process.

  • Create a budget:

It’s important to have a clear understanding of your income and expenses. Analyze your spending habits and identify areas where you can cut back or save money.

A budget will help you allocate funds to your envelopes.

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  • Use a mix of cash and digital envelopes:

While the traditional approach is to use physical envelopes, you can also create digital envelopes using budgeting apps or spreadsheet tools.

This allows you to track your progress digitally and reduces the risk of misplacing physical envelopes.

Blue envelope with a white card and affirmation note on it

  • Customize your envelopes:

Get creative and personalize your envelopes. Use different colors, patterns, or themes to make the challenge more engaging and enjoyable.

You can even write motivational messages or quotes or even affirmations on the envelopes to keep yourself inspired.

In the shop here, you will find 50 different patterns of Digital Envelope Printables.

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  • Start with smaller denominations:

If saving larger amounts seems challenging, begin with smaller denominations. For example, you can start with $1 or $5 envelopes. This way, you’ll see progress more quickly and gain momentum.

Person putting the 10 Dollar in the envelope

To save for your first Emergency fund of $1000, you can even start this 100-envelope challenge with $10 per envelope.

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  • Embrace unusual envelopes:

Instead of using traditional envelopes, think outside the box.

You can use small jars, decorated boxes, or even repurpose household items like empty containers or mason jars.

Unusual envelopes add a fun and unique touch to the challenge.

  • Utilize spare change:

Don’t limit yourself to only paper currency. Collect spare change and add it to your envelopes regularly. Over time, these small amounts can add up significantly.

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  • Incorporate visual reminders:

Place visual reminders of your goal in prominent places, such as on your fridge or bathroom mirror.

Brown envelope showing US dollars cash

Or take a picture on your phone to keep tracking your progress.

These reminders will reinforce your commitment and keep your focus on the end goal.

  • Celebrate milestones:

Celebrate when you reach certain milestones along the way.

It’s important to acknowledge your achievements and reward yourself for your efforts. This will help maintain your enthusiasm throughout the challenge.

Who is the 100 envelop challenge tracker good for?

The 100 Envelope Challenge Tracker is good for anyone who wants to save money in a structured and organized manner. It can be beneficial for individuals who:

  • Desire to improve their saving habits: The tracker provides a visual representation of progress, making it easier to stay motivated and disciplined while saving money.
  • Need a system to track their savings: The tracker helps individuals keep track of their contributions, ensuring they stay on course and reach their savings goals.

Black envelopes with cash in different currencies

  • Prefer a tangible method of tracking: For those who enjoy using physical tools like printables or trackers, the 100 Envelope Challenge Tracker provides a hands-on approach to monitoring savings.
  • Strive for financial goals: Whether it’s building an emergency fund, saving for a vacation, or reaching a specific financial milestone, the tracker aids in visualizing progress and achieving those goals.
  • Want a flexible savings approach: The 100 Envelope Challenge can be adapted to different financial capacities, allowing individuals to customize the amounts assigned to each envelope based on their own preferences and budget.
  • Enjoy a challenge or game-like approach: The 100 Envelope Challenge can be seen as a personal finance challenge, adding an element of excitement and engagement to the savings journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many envelopes should I use for the challenge?

The number of envelopes used in the challenge is typically 100, but it can be adjusted based on your preference. You can use more or fewer envelopes depending on how you want to structure your savings plan.

Colorful Envelopes

If you have 100 envelopes, use them all. But if you have just the 10 envelopes, you can still do this challenge. For this, you can either set a fixed amount for each envelope or use the pencil and eraser to write a variable amount for each envelope.

For this, mark your envelopes from 1 to 10. Add the amount on each envelope you want to save.

Once all 10 envelopes are filled with cash, take the cash out and put it in the physical safe or in your purse.

And then use the empty envelopes for the next 10 days.

Do this 10 times and you will still be able to use minimum envelopes for this challenge.

Blank Envelopes with Cute Stickers

If you want to save a different amount in each envelope, write it with a pencil on top of the envelope. Once the set amount is saved on the envelope, take it out and out in the safe or your purse.

Next time you want to use the envelope, just erase the amount and write a new amount.

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Can I use digital envelopes instead of a physical 100-envelope challenge tracker printable?

Yes, that is why I created this 100-Envelope Challenge Tracker FREE Printable for you.

Budgeting apps or spreadsheet tools can also provide a convenient and organized way to monitor your progress.

For this to work, you will need to save the money in your savings account.

The best way to do this is to automate your savings on the payday.

E.g. Create an automatic deduction from your checking account to your savings account every week or payday. Set the frequency 100 times.

This way, you do not have to set reminders to do the manual saving.

Set it once, forget it, and come back after 100 days or 100 weeks, however long you have set the automatic savings in your bank account.

I have also added the 100-envelope challenge tracker worksheet in the shop. It’s helpful to work with your budget planner like this!

How often should I contribute money to the 100 envelope challenge?

Ideally, you should contribute money to the envelopes on a regular basis, depending on your chosen frequency.

Woman stuffing the money in the envelope

It can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, according to what suits your financial situation and budgeting preferences.

This weekly saving challenge printable is great if you like to save on payday. 

There is a weekly saving challenge worksheet in the shop as well.

If you want to challenge yourself to save every day, this 100-day saving challenge is quite popular among my blog readers.

Printable $1000 Saving challenges

What happens if I miss a week or can’t contribute the designated amount?

If you miss a week or can’t contribute the designated amount, that’s ok!

Try to catch up as soon as possible.

But don’t let that one week or one day be the norm.

In this 100 Enevelope Challenge, consistency is key.

Adapt the challenge to your circumstances and continue contributing when you can.

Man putting the money inside the envelopes

Can I use the money in the envelopes if I need it before completing the challenge?

You can. It’s your money after all.

But I would say avoid using this money if you can help it.

Because you will break the consistency in saving.

Resist the temptation to use the money in the envelopes.

Find cheap substitute for the things you want to purchase with the envelope money.

I have a ton of suggestions for cheap substitute on this blog.

Plus once you reach your saving goal, you can celebrate and use the money however you like!

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How long does the 100 Envelope Challenge typically take to complete?

There is no time rule in the original envelope challenge.

You can set the goal and deadlines for yourself.

For example, if your goal is to save every week but there is no definite timeline, you can do this challenge for over two years. Set aside a certain amount to save for every week until you fill all 100 envelopes.

If you have a definite goal to save let’s say $5050 in the next 100 days, you can use this 100 Envelope Challenge Tracker FREE printable every day. The frequency will be daily and you will know that in the next 100 days, you will definitely have $5050 saved up.

So the timing depends on the goal you’re aiming for and the amount you can save every week or month.

What are some creative ideas for decorating the envelopes?

I’m glad you asked this.

There are so many ideas to make cute and pretty envelopes.

Some day, I will list all the creative ideas on this blog.

Until then, you can use different colors, patterns, stickers, or drawings to make them visually appealing and personalized.

Red felt material envelope holding the money

Make this challenge as creative as you want!

Have fun making cool envelopes with your kids and involve them in the challenge as well!

I have 20 different digital printable envelopes in the shop in various designs and patterns.

You can even use long-lasting felt to sew envelopes.

Or repurpose the mailing envelopes you receive and add stickers on them pretty!

Should I prioritize certain envelopes over others?

It’s really a personal choice!

Some individuals choose to prioritize higher-value envelopes to save larger amounts earlier, while others prefer to progress gradually.

It also depends on your financial goals and priorities.

I personally recommend starting with smaller-value envelopes first. It gives you momentum. You also expect to resist least if daily saving is difficult for you.

However, we have used the higher value envelopes in the past for our expected travel within 3 months.

So chose your goal date and then prioritize envelopes.

To make things easy and less time-consuming, just pick any envelope randomly and save the money. No decision-making is needed!

In terms of timing, I recommend doing the challenge first thing in the morning. That way, you will not forget it and it will be a fun way to see how that particular day goes once you pick the envelope.

Can I do the challenge with a partner or as a group?


It is fun to do a challenge with a partner or as a group. It can create a sense of accountability, motivation, and friendly competition, as you can compare progress and support each other throughout the challenge

Family Saving money together in the piggy bank

I remember when we were saving up for paying down the debt on the house, both I and my husband ran the challenge together.

We used this Excel sheet and saved money every day. By the end of 100 days, we had $10,100 saved up to pay off a large chunk of the mortgage.

Having a support system can keep you motivated, and you can even compete with each other to see who saves the most.

How do I keep track of my progress and the money in the envelopes?

You can use a notebook, a spreadsheet, or a budgeting app. In this FREE printable, you can color the hearts once you save the money inside the Envelope.

Printable showing the marked envelopes

You can use a notebook, a simple Google Sheet, or a budgeting app as well.

Mobile in the hand

Record the amounts contributed to each envelope and update it regularly to monitor your savings.

You can use the Excel sheet we have in the shop for tracking it digitally as well.

The instant download PDF has the numbers written under each envelope. This will help you tally the total amount without opening the envelopes and counting it every time.

What should I do with the money once I’ve completed the challenge?

Once you’ve completed the challenge and achieved your savings goal, you can decide how to utilize the money.

It could be used for a specific purchase, an emergency fund, an investment, or any other financial objective you have in mind.

We ran this challenge 4 times so far for:

  1. Paying off the mortgage
  2. For an expected journey overseas
  3. For the move from NY to TN
  4. For purchasing my new laptop

It’s important to make a plan for the funds you’ve saved. That way you will get the motivation to do this challenge again for the next goal.

Final Thoughts on 100 Envelope Challenge Tracker

This challenge works by assigning specific amounts to each envelope and contributing that designated amount regularly.

As you progress, you save increasing amounts of money in each envelope, gradually building your savings over time. Try this challenge yourself or with your family and tell me how it went in the comments below!

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